Line 6 DL4
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Line 6 DL4

225,00 €
FENDER Phaser 652
  • -50,00 €
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135,00 € 185,00 €
Pedal de efecto. Fender Phaser Effectpedal, 70´s Retro Styling, True Bypass, Frequency Selection, Intensity/Depth, Rate Pad
CARL MARTIN Crush zone
  • -18,00 €
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82,00 € 100,00 €
Carl Martin Crush Zone Floorpedal, High Gain Distortion, controll for Level, Tone, Dostortion, Effect Bypass Switch with LED, Battery or 9Volt DC
  • -25%
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108,75 € 145,00 €
Pedal de Efectos. Carl Martin Red Repeat Floorpedal, Hybrid Analog Style Delay with 600mS, controll for Delay, Tone, Time, Repeat, Effect Bypass Switch with LED, Battery or 9Volt DC (optional)
VOX big ben overdrive CT-020D
  • -128,00 €
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147,00 € 275,00 €
Vox Big Ben Ct-020d Pedal Overdriv/efect Con Valvula 12ax7 Vox Cooltron Big Ben Overdrive, incl. 12AU7 Tube, super fat Overdrives without loosing Pressure (from "Paperback Writer" till "Number of the Beast", over 20 hours playing with 4 Mignon AA Alkaline Batteries or n optional Power Supply, True Bypass
BOSS DD-3 digital delay
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139,00 €
Boss DD-3 digital delay foot pedal - optional power supply available

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